Hillary update: grandfatherly love in Pennsylvania

The PW will let some things slide, especially during the weeks-long run up to the Penn primary.  Drinking with the boys, bowling and eating cheese steaks is par for the course for any primary season in this rust belt state.  And politicians love to talk about their connection to every state they campaign in, no matter how tenuous.   From the gal who has been quoted as saying “you can’t choose your family” and has more than hinted at being a little scared of the hard drinking Rodhams …

-Repeating her “my grandfather worked in the lace mill in Scranton for his entire life” line wherever she goes and in TV ads, Hillary continues to play from John Edwards’ play book (hey, did you know that his daddy worked in a mill too?).  Fair game.

But, in the debate in Philly this week, what’s not getting much coverage is her “generation of gun owners” line that she lifted directly from McCain  when she was asked about Obama’s “bitter” speech in SF.

I understand that both Obama and Clinton are scared to death to offend anyone that embraces their Second Amendment rights (btw, quick quiz – what does the 4th amendment say?  If pols are so concerned about the Constitution why do they keep subverting it in other ways?) but she could have at least come up with something more original.

The other non-issue moving through the cable news echo chamber, much of it fueled by Hil’s staffers, is the question: is Obama an elitist?  Yes, Obama was pandering to liberal donors in SF when he made that speech.  But it’s not as if the other two millionaires in the race, who are members of one of the most elite groups in the country (only 50 members last time I checked), can’t be painted with the same brush. This is clearly one of the “frames” that Republicans will be using to “position” the candidate in the minds of voters in the upcoming general election should Obama get the nomination.  If it means that Obama’s smarter than you and me then please, please put an elitist in the White House for a change.

Pander score: 60
Intended target: Pennsy voters, blue collars, undecideds, elite-haters



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