McCain: the “bitter-ist” pill is hard to swallow

Man, McCain even messes up the easy ones.

After Obama’s misstep this past week with his “bitter” comments, all McCain had to do was sit back and watch Hillary tear him apart. Or he could have just said something neutral about how he recognizes the “good” side of the hard working Americans of Pennsylvania. But no. This is what he said to an audience of reporters at the Associated Press Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C:

“I think anybody who disparages people who are hardworking honest dedicated people who have cherished the Second Amendment and the right to hunt and their culture that they value and they’ve grown up with sometimes in the case of generations and saying that’s because they are unhappy with their economic conditions.”

Incoherent, maybe. But, can he get any more gun-crazy with that comment? What McCain is saying (not too eloquently) is that not only did Obama disparage the living, he was hurting “generations” of gun loving people by his words. C’mon. When Obama made his “bitter” comment, what he was trying to say is that working people respond to values issues like guns and church during hard times — when leaders should be focusing on their real issues. Besides pandering, McCain is proving the truth of Obama’s statement: in order to win elections Republicans will push the same tired value issues over substantive ones.

Pander score: 85
Intended target: conservatives, NRA, dead people (“generations”)


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