McCain’s Gas Tax Holiday: not gunna happen

Besides not mentioning how he’ll pay for any of the tax cuts he’s proposing, in his recent speech on the economy there was one thing McCain mentioned that really stood out for us: his gas tax holiday that he would like to offer everyone this summer. 

According to Business Week

On Apr. 15, McCain took a big leap forward … In a broad-ranging economic speech in Pittsburgh, he called for several highly targeted tax cuts and federal spending initiatives. Included were a summer gas-tax holiday that would suspend the 18.4¢ federal gas tax and 24.4¢ diesel tax …

What McCain forgot to mention is that every time this idea has been floated in the Senate it gets knocked down.  You see, those tax dollars are used for the nation’s highways and bridges.  If you’ve traveled on our roads lately you may have noticed that our highways and bridges are in dire need of repair, especially on the east coast.  McCain’s gas tax holiday sounds like music to everyone’s ears except legislators who need to fund their infrastructure projects.  As a vereran of that great body he knew that he could make the promise and then blame the “Democrat congress” for shooting it down.  Oh, you’re good Johnny but we got you.

Pander score: 90 (extra points for creativity)
Intended target: everyone who guzzles except his esteemed colleagues who actually have power over the decision


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