McCain refuses to pander on healthcare: who needs Health Coverage 101?

Lately John McCain has been repeating this line when asked about the Dems universal healthcare coverage plans, something he first uttered way back in Nov 2007:

” I think that every American should have … an affordable college education. But I’m not going to mandate that every American go to college. I feel the same way about health care.”

This one continues to knock the PW off of our collective gurneys.  McCain is essentially saying that getting sick and being able to afford health coverage is a choice, like studying Physics or Humanities.  Yes, college is a choice and many people prosper without a degree (Bill Gates and Woody Allen come to mind).  But how does one prosper with stage 4 cancer and no health insurance?  Or when your kid has Leukemia and you just sold your house to pay for the next round of chemo?

Does he believe that the current Medicare and Medicaid systems do an adequate job for those without coverage?  If he does, why does he keep blaming Congress for not fixing these programs and argue for major reforms?

Has his years being married to (and financially supported by) a “beer heiress” made him drunk?  Maybe he should watch a couple episodes of “Extreme Makeover, Home Edition,” in which just about everyone on the show has become destitute because of a healthcare crisis.  Or, maybe he has seen the show and thinks that the television networks will just cover all those who fall in between the cracks and build them a new house.

At least you gotta hand it to McCain for not pandering to the millions of Americans who a) don’t have and can’t afford health coverage, b) are covered by their job but could lose their job at any time, and c) pay for their own coverage and are struggling to make those payments.  Besides members of Congress and the wealthiest Americans that pretty much includes everybody.

No phony “compassionate conservatism” here.  Like his recent refusal to feel sorry for those who lost or are losing their homes due to this current mortgage crisis, he is showing his true colors.


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