Terry McAuliffe and Big Russ’ Mark Twain moment

File this one under “do your homework” before you stoop to pander:

After a rapid-fire logghorea in which Terry McAuliffe extolled the virtues of Hillary’s tenaciousness as a reason why she has to be the Democratic nominee, the campaign’s bloodhound tried to butter up host Tim Russert on “Meet the Press” with a nod to his dad:

“But it’s not impossible for Hillary Clinton to win,” said McAuliffe. “A lot of people have said that. Big Russ, if he were sitting here today — nothing’s impossible. Jack McAuliffe, if they were with us today, they’re probably both in heaven right now Tim, probably having a scotch, looking down saying, you know what: this fight goes on. It’s good for the Democratic Party. Millions of people coming out to vote, it’s exciting.”


Finally finding an opening, Russert jumped in to say ..
“Big Russ is in the Barcalounger still watching this. God bless him.”

He is alive!  Praise the Lord.  Maybe McAuliffe thought that by resurrecting Big Russ he could also resurrect HRC’s chances.  But, just like his report of Big Russ’ death, just about everything coming from the Clinton camp has been, in Twain’s words, “greatly exaggerated.” Aside from the gaff, ironically McAuliffe is demonstrating why Hillary should not get the nomination: every week the campaign comes up with a new reason for her to be the chosen one.   

The only consistent thing about her campaign is the inconsistancy of the message.  

We’ve seen Hillary change her core values and shift her message to suit each race (Gas Tax, free trade/NAFTA, elitism vs. populism, reaching out to African Americans/Whites).   Sorry Terry, but this time Hillary is not like Big Russ with a hope and dream.  She was the anointed who lost her bearings (no age bias intended) and ran a sloppy campaign.  She represents the establishment at a moment when the American people are clamoring for change.

As we’ve said here before, Hillary has every right to continue campaigning through the final primaries.  She’s worked hard and the remaining states deserve a chance to cast their vote.  But her campaign is so desparate to win us over they keep digging deeper for reasons for her continuted presence. 

Here is a recommendation for Terry: instead of pushing your candidate so hard, keep the “talking points” related to the rights of the voters and the democratic process.   Stay in the race because your supporters want you to stay.  Give something back for a change.

Unlike Mike Love’s lament in the Beach Boys’ “Surfin’ USA,” we can wait for June.


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