Palin pick shows McCain to be prisoner of the religious right

Caribou Barbie

Caribou Barbie

John McCain has done it once again.  While purporting to be a maverick, he has chosen the greased path of religious convenience with his recent pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. 

Although Republicans are touting his choice as evidence of his bold independence, it is clear that McCain chose the same route as his predecessor George H.W. Bush in his pick of Dan Quale: to pander to the intolerant right wing of his party. 

Purportedly, Palin went through a rigorous vetting process, including a 50 page questionnaire.  Evidently, one of the questions that she got right was “how do you spell po-ta-to?”

Some insiders are saying that lapsed Democrat (and angry nebbish) Joe Lieberman was McCain’s choice but that several groups within the party were planning to boycott the pick on the convention floor (antisemitism anyone?).  Okay, he is a Democrat in the lions’ den but still … The maverick had to back down – wouldn’t want to upset the party regulars by showing his backbone.  If he had chosen Mitt Romney he could have run a decent Center-Right charge and evened out the ticket with an experienced pol from the business world.  But the Mormon Romney is not a “real” Christian.

While McCain basks in the glow of his convention this week (and the new energy eminating from religious conservatives who would just as soon sink the country in order to have someone on the ticket that cares about their faith-based issues), voters should seriously question McCain’s decision making ability. 

Do we want another guy in the White House who makes decisions from his gut in order to appease the worst elements of his party?  Who goes with political expediency over thoughtful analysis? 

The brouhaha over Palin’s family problems is a nice distraction for McCain.  While the country is busy talking about Palin’s daughter’s uterus they are missing the larger issue: McCain would rather make a reckless decision and be overruled by the same elements of his party that have ruined this country for the past 8 years than follow his own instincts and do what he feels is right.  Country First indeed.



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2 responses to “Palin pick shows McCain to be prisoner of the religious right

  1. Sorry, not antisemitism just dislike for a pro-choice, moderate-to-liberal, ex-Democrat VP on a Republican ticket.

  2. qwerty

    thank you Jonolan!!!
    So tired of the innapropriate calls of antisemitism.
    Liberman is a bad politician and Mccain would have absolutely no chance running with another old man as his VP. This is true as libermann being jewish and it would be true if he was from another faith as well.

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