Originally created as a blog dedicated to calling out the presidential candidates and their operatives during the 2008 presidential campaign when their pandering went beyond the bounds of accepted political discourse, we tried to put a laser-like focus on the hypocrisy of their words and deeds.

With the election over, our focus has shifted to exposing those in and out of Washington who would impede progress and try to use unfair tactics and language to scare the bejeezus out of the public.   We will try to bring you periodic updates, whenever the pandering gets too thick  – or ridiculous.

We’ll try to stick to the first definition below:

pan·der [ pándər ]
intransitive verb  (past and past participle pan·dered, present participle pan·der·ing, 3rd person present singular pan·ders)
1. indulge weaknesses: to indulge or exploit somebody’s weaknesses or questionable wishes and tastes; to cater to the lower tastes and desires of others tired of pandering to their children’s demands
2. procure sexual favors: to procure sexual favors for somebody

Uh, we’ll leave the second definition to other blogs to cover.


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